Weird Kids' Videos and Gaming the Algorithm

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 Published On Nov 22, 2017

Clickbait Title: Video Criticism YouTube Exploitation Meta Commentary Pregnant Algorithm Educational Spam Fidget Spinner Buried Alive For Kids Very late in the process of making this I decided to change the name, largely because the moment I made the original title "YouTube and the Business of Exploiting Children" public in a promotional Tweet I realized that there was an entire constellation of related issues that I wanted to talk about. From channels that exist to get kids hooked on gambling to parents subjecting their children to abusive conditions as "pranks", there's a lot of shady stuff going on. In that context, weird spam and unsettling videos about poop didn't rank high enough to warrant burning a title that good. References: James Bridle "Something is Wrong on the Internet" H3H3 "Toy Channels are Ruining Society" Down the Rabbit Hole "Finger Family Videos" Retsupurae "Joker Mouse Lethal Injection" Written and performed by Dan Olson Twitter:
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